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Alternate title: I’m the worst knitting blogger ever because I never publish posts about my FO’s in a timely manner.

Alternately alternate title: I’m the worst knitting blogger ever because I forgot to take a picture of recipient in FO, so I had to ask recipient to provide me a photo.

Well, we can’t be perfect at everything, and since I’m just about perfect with everything else, I’ll let my poor blogging skills take one for the team.  Hah!  I’m the best….. in my mind.

Since we are on the subjects of cowls, I thought I would show you this one that I made so many moons ago.  A stockinette cowl in the round.  Because life is too short to act like you’re too good to knit plain stockinette in the round.  I’m not too good.  This cowl is way too good for me, however, so that’s why I gave it to my sister.  Because she’s good enough for the cowl.

I started it way back in October when I went to New York (and visited the shop that wrote the pattern) and finished it a day before Christmas/my sister’s birthday.  She loves it, of course.  Who wouldn’t?  It’s delicately feminine chic.  All those things I’m not, which is why she gets the cowl and I don’t.  Also she wears it better than I ever could.

Project Details:

Pattern: White Caps Cowl by Purl Soho
Yarn: Habu Textiles, Cotton Slub and Sizing Silk
Needles: US 4
Modifications: Didn’t do the decreases at the top of the cowl and knitted a few less repeats.  Also I spilled some red wine on the silk.  Does that count as a mod?  Probably not.
Recommend to a Friend: Yes!  Easy to knit and super silky soft to wear.

I love knitting a sweater flat in stockinette stitch with size 4 needles!!!!!  Said no knitter ever.

I don’t even want to get into the fact that it’s been on too small of a bamboo circular needle.  If only I had some metal needles so the yarn wouldn’t stick so much.  If only I had a longer circular needle so my project wasn’t bunched up so much.  If only….and then it happened:  The world went dark and I started spinning.  I completely blacked out.  I could hear voices ringing in my ears.  I felt something leave me in that moment.  It was strange, like someone ripped open a tiny hole in my body and took out a thin, rectangular plastic organ.  It felt like an eternity, but it must have only been mere moments.

When I came to, I was clutching onto this:

Addiclicks Lace

Honestly, guys.  I have no idea how that happened.  No idea whatsoever.  But hey, I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Even though, technically, I gave myself the horse and therefore am fairly certain of the condition of the mouth (gross, by the way…horse mouth).  What I’m trying to say is that this makes knitting a sweater flat in stockinette stitch with size 4 needles a little more bearable.  Ok, I’m just trying to tone down my excitement about these needles.  It’s more like knitting with butter (though, I wouldn’t recommend that).  I got the lace tips, because lord knows the sharper the tips, the better the knits.  I totally made that up, but I much prefer sharp needles.  Oh man, if I could just tell you how nicely the stitches glide along the needle and work off the tips.  It’s just heaven…. Excuse me a moment, I must go fondle my needles some more.

Ahem…anyways, you know what else makes knitting a sweater for someone else on size 4 needles more bearable? ToshDK.  No need to clean your monitors, you read that right.  I’m knitting a sweater for a friend’s mom for Christmas.  Why?  Because I’m crazy and I have a hard time saying no to people.  Also, I’m crazy.  Really, I thought you guys would have figured that out by now.  I’m knitting Clarity Cardigan by Gretchen Ronnevik.


I think I might be in a purple phase.  Maybe I’m finally over that lace shawl from hell and can face knitting with purple again.  Come to think of it, this is only the third time that I’ve knit in purple and all three projects were destined as gifts.  It must be the color of gift knitting.  Also, purple is a weird word.  Am I right?  Purple? Purrrrrple?  I stayed up late knitting, so you must forgive my state of mind at the moment.

It’s possible to finish this before Christmas, right?  I think that since I’m at pocket level, it’s totally doable (but then again, I have unreasonably high and unmet expectations for this sort of thing).  Oh ya, I totally forgot to mention that I’m going to Costa Rica soon.  And I may or may not (which, of course, really means that I do with all certainty) have more gift knitting to take care of before then.  Do I really need to tell you that I’m crazy again?  I didn’t think so.

Back to endless stockinette…. What are you doing with your weekend?

Fact: I’m way overdue on this post.

Fact: I’m way overdue on lots of other things (see my ever increasing library fine).

Fact: I’m dealing with it by consuming large amounts of beer and holiday cookies.

Fact: I’m not drinking and blogging… much.

There was a reason why I signed up for this retreat again.  And now that it’s said and done, I can add another reason why I’ll probably do it again: Spinning pretty much rules; Judith McKenzie pretty much rules.  This retreat was all about color, how we view it, how we use it, which ones we love, which ones we hate, and even learning how to like the ones we hate.  I still dislike pink, but that’s not for lack of trying.

Stephanie got us designing and charting fair isle.  She taught us about hues and values and how to put colors together in a sensible fashion.  Tina, the color genius, got us to sort of embrace our most hated color by using it as a base in at least one of our skeins.  Turns out pink isn’t so bad when you combine it with other colors.  And Judith showed us how to make batts on drum carders and how to combine colors when we spin.  My first attempt at plying at home before the retreat produced some really ugly shit.  But I swear, there’s something about spinning and plying in the presence of Judith.  All of a sudden your skills transcend into another dimension and you start churning out boucle and other amazing yarns.  Also, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t totally excited that she touched my wheel.  Yup.  I said it.  Well, at least I didn’t stutter and act all crazy fan girl like I did last time…maybe.

It’s hard to convey in words what it feels like to be around so many like-minded people.  The weekend goes by so fast, too, that it’s hard to even register half the things that are going on.  Maybe it gets easier the more you go, but I can’t imagine that it does.

I thought I had taken more pictures, but turns out I didn’t.  I posted the rest of them on my flickr page.  The photo of me dyeing was taken by Tamara (who if you remember, gifted me some luscious silk at the last retreat).  She was also a more diligent photographer and you can see more retreat photos from her here.

When someone asks you where you were this weekend and you respond: “A sheep and wool festival in New York”, they will most likely look at you like you are from another planet.  Unless of course they are knitters/crafters/fiber lovers.  You know what I love the most about Rhinebeck was that you were surrounded by the warmest (quite literally) people on the planet that love what you love and totally get why you flew all the way from the other coast to pet sheep and fondle the sweaters of strangers.

The weekend at Rhinebeck was absolutely wonderful!  I was so excited to finally meet Holly in person and get my knit on with her and she is ever so sweet and amazing in person as I thought she would be.

I’m not sure what I was expecting with the festival, but it far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined.  Of course it was beautiful and everyone was wearing such amazing works of art and the sheep and alpacas stole my heart over and over again.

I bought a couple of things, but no yarn (I know, that’s absolutely crazy): a yarn bowl and some buttons made from sheep horn.

I awkwardly approached Ysolda and probably annoyed the crap out of her with my terrible fan-girl stutter.  I took a nip with Steven.  I knitted, I laughed, I ate good food and met some really great people.

This weekend, however, didn’t go without an accident, because it’s me and I’m accident-prone apparently and the world enjoys laughing at my sorry ass.  It’s ok, though because I like laughing at my sorry ass too.

The first morning, I decided I needed coffee, which I never ever drink because caffeine makes me crazy, but I thought it would be a good idea because I’m going to Rhinebeck and needed to have my wits about me.  Also, because I might have possibly stayed up until 3am after flying all day to weave in the ends of my Rhinebeck sweater.  Oh…woops.  Anyways, we’re driving to Rhinebeck and because I’m a coffee noob I don’t get a sleeve for my cup.  Also I can’t find the cupholders in the back seat of the car.  So I’m holding this really hot cup of coffee…until I’m not holding it anymore because I drop the entire thing in my lap.  As the seatbelt pins me down to the seat, the hot liquid soaks through my only pair of jeans (because of course leather seats don’t soak up coffee) and burns my ass while I scream obscenities (possibly deterring Holly from ever wanted to interact with me publicly ever again).  Miraculously, the white sweater that I am wearing, that I finished at 3am the night before, does not get a single drop of brown liquid on it.  My pants are soaked and smell like coffee and I’m pretty sure that a blister has formed on my lower right cheek.

Coffee: 1, Freshy: 0

Later in the day, we purchased a bottle of red wine so we could drink and knit at the tables and make Holly’s gentleman, Jake, feel terribly uncomfortable and sorry that he didn’t bring his knitting.  I’m knitting with white silk, so you can see where this is going…  Along comes a freak gust of wind, knocks my cup (because we’re classy like that) of wine over and onto the pretty white silk.

Red wine: 1, Freshy: 0

Here’s the upside to all of this: My pants were dark, so no one noticed they were wet with coffee and they were dry by midday.  I managed to wash most of the wine out of the silk when we got back to the hotel that night and I don’t think you can tell, but now I have a knotted mess of silk to deal with.  So I give myself 2 points for quick recovery.  That about evens up the score.  And really how upset can you be when you’re hanging out with this guy?

Oh did you notice that I also finished my Naragansett sweater?  That means I owe you two FO posts.  But that will have to wait, because Tales From New York, Part 2 is coming up next…

More Rhinebeck photos can be found here too!

Don’t judge me guys, but I walked away from work today with my arms full of this:

It really, honestly, couldn’t be helped.  You understand, right?

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