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Dear Designer of Cardigan,

Last night I said some things.  I said some hurtful things.  About you and about your ability to design.  I made fun of your ability to produce a proper gauge.  I laughed at your expense.  I was upset, you see.  Upset because I couldn’t get the same gauge as you.  I tried three different needle sizes.  I made substantial sized swatches with each.  I cursed you because after all that, I still couldn’t get the right gauge.

Your gauge: 26 sts and 37 rows = 4 inches on US4 needles with sport weight yarn.

I picked out some DK weight (which is only slightly heavier than sport weight) and grabbed my size 5’s because I was nervous about creating too dense of a fabric (since I’m a tight knitter).  I had 26 sts = 4.75 inches.  So I did the next logical thing: moved up a needle size… three times.  “Why is my swatch getting bigger?!  How are you getting your gauge?!” I cursed and screamed to the heavens and shook my fist violently in the direction that I assumed you were located.  Then I realized, that’s not right.  Turns out, I’m the idiot.  Want more stitches per inch?  Go down a needle size.

So you see, that was my bad.  And I’m sorry I got mad at you for my own stupidity.  Turns out, I’m not so good at math and logical reasoning when I’ve been drinking.

I humbly apologize and take back everything I said.  You’re a great designer and I love this cardigan.  You’re right and I’m wrong.  Let’s hang out sometime and I’ll buy you a drink.


Complete Idiot

The other day I was walking to the market for lunch when suddenly every bone in my body was urging me to stop, lie down on the sidewalk and take a nap.  My eyelids were heavy and the warm concrete beneath my feet looked so inviting and divine.  I never thought I would think that taking a nap in the middle of the sidewalk would ever be so tempting.  Maybe when I was little I took naps on the sidewalk, but that must have been after hours of bike riding and sidewalk chalkin’ and (most likely because I was a weird kid) eating grass.  Did you ever eat grass?  I have a distinct memory of lying underneath a trampoline eating grass because I wanted to be a cow.  Grass underneath a trampoline is probably the most nutritious of grasses because they’re safe from trampling feet.  Additionally, the trampoline provides coverage from the ever watchful eyes of adults who frown upon grass/bark/twig/bug eating.

That tangent has nothing to do with knitting, I know.  The important thing that I want you take home from this post is that I recently procured a mother-fiber-load of yarn.  Couple of birthday presents:

From a friend: Handspun and dyed wool from Snowberry Studio Yarns on Lopez Island.  Probably going to turn this into a chunky cowl of sorts.

From the sister: A skein of Tiny Annapurna in Coral Reef from A Verb for Keeping Warm in the Bay Area.  I see a beanie in it’s future.

From myself: I got me a whole box of yarn.  Because I deserve it and because I have big plans for a couple of sweaters.  Holly aka sillylittlelady and I are about to venture into a knit-a-long.  We’ve both been admiring Aidez for a long time and finally decided that we needed to do this. now.  Thus I have begun:

I still don’t own a ball winder and I honestly have no free time to go to a yarn store to use theirs.  So I will be using my overturned chair and kitchen utensil method to wind 11 hanks into semi decent center pull balls.  You may think that this is a horribly bad and tedious thing.  But I assure you it is not.  I wound one hank and it was the most personally rewarding thing I’ve done all week.  It put a smile on my face.  I knit a swatch and I felt even more accomplished.  It’s really the little things that get me excited…even if it is eating grass.

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