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It’s my favorite month of the year.  I love how quintessentially fall it is.  I love the colors and the smells.  I even love (please don’t hate me for saying this) the rain.  It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-October.  When did that happen?  I wish I could hold onto all the days of this month and have it drag out into infinity.  I love October that much.

The fact is that it’s October 17th and in two days, I’m hopping a plane to New York for my first ever trip to Rhinebeck, where I’ll hang out with plenty of other fabulous knitters, including Sillylittlelady.  I’m so excited that I can hardly contain myself.  I always thought that I worked best under extreme amounts of pressure (although, why I feel the need to is beyond my comprehension).  So, of course I waited until the week before Rhinebeck to bring out my striped cardigan from the depths of my WIP basket.  It took about 2 hours to finish my I-cord edging along the fronts and collar.  And about 15 minutes to rip out one of the sleeves.  Oh my yes.  You read that right: I’m redoing the sleeves.  They just never felt right and to be honest, that’s why the sweater found it’s way to the bottom of the pile.  Sometimes after you’ve labored so hard on something and it doesn’t work out, you just need to look away for a long, long while.

The good news is that it won’t take long to knit them back up again, right?!  Right.  I wish you would stop looking at me like that.  I think it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that they’ll be done by the end of today so I can block it and have it totally dry by Friday morning so I can take it with me as my Rhinebeck sweater.  Completely possible.  Anyways, even if you know that I’m wrong (which clearly, that’s a bigger possibility, seeing as I’m completely mental) don’t let on, please.  It’s usually best to leave the mentally unhinged in their own space of derangement.

Other things are coming into progress too.  The first sock is nearly complete and now that I’ve made it through all the challenging parts of knitting a first sock, I think the second sock should just fly off the needles…. There I go assuming things again.

By the by, does anyone else’s WIP basket look like this?  It pains me to inform you that this isn’t my only WIP basket…

Linking with Tami for WIP Wednesday.

I have a codependency with my knitting.  I often decline social outings so I can, instead, stay home and knit.  However, on the rare occasion that I do get the urge to talk to other humans, I bring my date; my knitting tags along with me to dinner parties, it shows up unannounced at game nights, it makes an appearance while I’m waiting to be seated at Chinese restaurants, and it casually sips a beer along side me at my local dive and laughs at my terrible puns.  And this is how (even though I attend a full time job of sitting in front of a computer designing big metal objects, while incidentally, I am actually dreaming about designing knitwear) this:

grew into this in less than 4 days….Granted, it is just plain stockinette stitch, but damn, I’ve been productive.

Oh, and after over a year of not doing so, I finally went and got my hair cut today.  The guy shampoo’d it and styled it better than I will ever be able to reproduce by myself and I came home and thought about going out to show off my new ‘do.  Then a thought occurred to me to model my knitting project instead, because it’s cold outside and I don’t really feel like being social.  What can I say?  My knitting has a hold on me like nothing else does.  It’s hard to photograph yourself, hence that weird face I’m making.  Also, my bicep looks huge.  But at least I made my bed…sorta….

As you can see, I’m really close to finishing this cardigan.  But herein lies the problem: when I originally bought this yarn, I was going to make this (but without the anchors on the bottom because, honestly, that would look lame on me) so I purchased equal amounts of white and blue yarn.  Then the more I thought about it, the more I really detested that pattern and wanted something different.  I decided something like this, but with stripes.  Now due to my heavy modifications, I am short on white yarn and must put a hold on finishing the cardigan until more shows up at my doorstep, which according to Knit Picks, will be very soon.

While I’m waiting, however, I will be working on a fun sewing project:

A generous gift, courtesy of my dear sissy pants.  It feels like I’m cheating on my knitting, but I’m sure it will understand.  And as they say, absence makes the heart grown fonder.

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