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“You Must Be This Tall To Ride.”

Those words haunted my childhood.  While everyone else was busy screaming their faces off on Splash Mountain, I spun around in the teacups (again), plotting a way to corner Cinderella’s fairy godmother so I could ask her to make me two inches taller.  And even though I can ride all those rides now, there are nights that I still wish upon a star that I can be two inches taller.  Sometimes, I even go a little crazy and wish that I was three inches taller; if my wildest dreams came true, I would be 5’2″, I wouldn’t have to hem my pants, I could probably reach the top shelf items in the grocery store if I stood on my tip-toes, and would actually be able to belly up to a bar.  But dreams are just dreams; there’s no such thing as the tooth fairy and I’m pretty sure that the only height change I will encounter will be shrinkage due to osteoporosis.  I suppose by that time, they will have invented hover shopping carts, so I won’t have to ask that young whippersnapper to hand me the prune juice from the top shelf.  So at least I have that going for me.

The point I’m trying to make here is that I have to knit a lace edging 63″ long.  Sixty. Three.  I should be so lucky.  Who does this lace edging think he is anyways?  A basketball player?  Some kind of wizard?  A giraffe?  Bastard.

Did you know that the most common side effect of multitasking projects is the propensity to work on the ones that don’t have a looming deadline?  I’m fairly certain this is the reason why my skirt is nearly finished and the pillow edging is only at a mere 30 inches, even though I need to have it done by Monday.  It definitely has nothing to do with the fact that I’m begrudging the extra 5 inches the lace edging will have on me.  Nothing what-so-ever.

Let’s talk about moderation.  Specifically, my lack of moderation.  Popcorn and ice cream after dinner followed by girl scout cookies (thin mints, please)?  Not a problem.  That’s future Freshy’s problem.  She’ll be older and wiser by then, so I’m sure she can handle it.  Reading ten books at once?  Child’s play, in my opinion!  I’ll remember where I am in every one of them and will know exactly what’s happening….  Although now that I think of it, maybe that’s not true, but I’d like to think I can handle the challenge.

Presently, I have two projects on the needles, the lace baby pillow and Deco (ok, three if you count Rob’s hat, which I have mutilated beyond belief and is in a time-out until I can wrap my head around my varying gauge).  This is all fine and good, but I’m starting to get an itch in the tips of my fingers.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could just add another fun project in there?  Another sweater perhaps, one with cables all over.  Or a tweedy skirt to wrap up the end of winter.  Or maybe a fun gradient scarf to play with colors and welcome spring.  Or how about getting a jump start on summer with a flowing linen tunic.  Yes, yes, YES!!  I want it all!!  I want it right now!  Fade in to a warm sunny day: I’m giggling as I skip through an open field, arms stretched out towards a bountiful basket overflowing with skeins of Shibui, Madelinetosh, Manos, Jamieson’s and all that is glorious.  When we finally touch… magic.

Fade out.  Yes, I have a problem with moderation.  Have you seen my stash on ravelry yet?  It’s bad.  Oh I’m sure it’s not the worst of the bad, but it’s pretty close.  It takes every ounce of willpower I can muster to resist the temptations in the yarn store.  I have a basket at work, where I put all the things I want on hold.  I take it out at my lunch break and fondle them.  Then I hang my head low and cry a tear or two as I put the basket away.  Finish the sweater.  Finish the baby pillow.  Use your stash.  Words that are daggers through my merino-loving, anti-moderation heart.

It’s a good thing I have a few goodies in my stash already, not to mention all those projects that I really, really, really had to have last year.  Honestly, the purpose of completing an inventory on my stash was so that I would be persuaded to use it.  You want to buy more Madelinetosh?  Get a hold of yourself, woman!  You already have fifteen skeins of tosh in your stash.  But I digress….

I have chosen to add the Simple Straight Skirt by Churchmouse onto the needles today.  I purchased the yarn and made a swatch for the project months ago, before Christmas knitting hit the fan.  Adding this project to the needles is really a necessity more than anything else.  I have the lace edging to finish on the pillow and then seaming, and I’m about ready to split for the sleeves on Deco.  Both of these tasks require my undivided attention.  Stockinette knitting is a must in order to maintain balance in my universe (kind of like reading Harry Potter for the umpteenth time in between all the other reads); it is the perfect project for the times that I want to knit care-free while eating popcorn and ice cream simultaneously.

Immoderation.  Totally necessary.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I have been writing and rewriting this post in my head for the last few weeks, but haven’t bothered to type it all out. I don’t know why exactly, but I have an idea that it might be due to the fact that I’m still trying to process all my recent life choices lately. Nevermind the fact that I’m sitting in the Hong Kong airport right now waiting for my flight to Kathmandu. Ya, sorry to drop that bombshell on you; that was rather abrupt. I have been meaning to share this recent development, but I hope you understand that my silence was partly because I’ve been very busy these last few weeks, packing up my life in Seattle and planning my adventure (which means that I was consuming copious amounts of ice cream and beer), and mostly because I didn’t want to come off like I was bragging about this trip. Also, because I have no idea how to tie this all back to knitting. But mostly the bragging and the packing and my inability to process my emotions in a coherent manner.

Anyways, I feel like this has been a long time coming for me for various reasons and while I’m absolutely terrified to take this journey, I know that in the long-run I’m going to be so happy that I did. So job was quit, apartment packed up and stowed away, one-way ticket bought and here I am. My plan right now is to just get to Kathmandu and not have a nervous breakdown. I’m going to be doing some volunteer work for the first couple of weeks and then go off on a trek and find some yaks. After that, I’m just going to try to take it one day at a time. I really don’t want to put a lot of pressure on myself and am mostly going to just see what happens. Just like all the other 28 year old professionals undergoing their quarter-life crisis, I have no idea what I’m doing. But it’s worth a shot to try something crazy right? Right.

I did bring one project with me, just in case. It’s Distant Hours by Boo Knits and of course I’m knitting it in Madelinetosh Prairie. Because you know my craziness doesn’t end with buying one way tickets to foreign lands, I have to pack a lace weight project too. I should probably seek help regarding my affinity to knit things that frustrate me. I’ll address that later though.

Well, I hope you guys stick around through my journey, because I would love to share it all with you. And who knows, maybe I will learn something from all this. Something about self-preservation and autonomy and how to live life with zero regrets, and how to milk a yak. I doubt that last one will happen, but one can dream.

So funny story… Remember that one time I said I’m not buying anymore yarn?  Hahaha, hohoho, hahah heehee…. ahem.

So, uh… ya.  Can we skip past the part where I apologize for not being a better person and knitter and stashbuster and can we also skip the part where I try to justify it?  Good!  I’m glad that’s settled and we can put that all behind us; I can tell that we’re going to be great friends.

Friends!  I want to show you something I just finished making with newly purchased yarn.


I give you Sabrina: an infinity scarf of my own devices.  Named so, because that’s whom I’m gifting it to and because I’m terrible at naming anything but plants (at least I think my plant names rock).  It’s a soft and lacy little number that you can easily wrap around twice (or even thrice, if you make it long enough, which I did).  I love combining lace motifs almost as much as I love twisted stitches.  Do you know about the magic and beauty of twisted stitches?  I might make a few mods for future iterations. Like maybe pick up stitches along the edge to add a border of sorts.  And I’d probably make it a little shorter since this cowl has a lot of stretch lengthwise when you wear it.  But otherwise, I love how it turned out.

Also, this is my first time knitting with Malabragio.  Whahahahahaaaaa?!?!  I know.  I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to jump on the Malabrigo band wagon.  Maybe because most of their colorways disturb me.  But this one.  This one is a gem.  And so nice to work with.  So nice that I didn’t want to stop knitting with it.

I would really love to write this pattern up and put it up on ravelry.  It’s kind of late and I’m in a rambling mood, so I’m just going to air my apprehensions and fears for a moment, so bear with me… I’m really nervous and afraid of venturing out there as a designer.  Am I good enough?  Are my patterns good enough?  Are my ideas different enough to stand out?  I have to admit that I’m pretty judgmental about other patterns.  What I would pay for which patterns and so on.  So I think that’s how other people are as well.  And being rejected is a terrible thought.  But I guess we’ll never know until I try, right?  I’d like to know what you think, as knitters and readers and craft lovers alike:  Could you see yourself knitting this?  Could you see yourself wearing this?  Would you think differently about it if it was a free versus a paid pattern?

Thanks for letting me air my thoughts.  And thanks for letting me get away with buying more yarn when I said I wouldn’t.  You guys are all amazing and I love you.

Remember that day that I was boasting about all the FO’s I had in my back pocket?  You might be wondering where the last one is.  You might even be thinking that I was lying to you that day.  But I’m here to say that I wasn’t lying and I haven’t forgotten to show you this last one.  I’m just really good at procrastinating.

I’m so good at procrastinating, that when I tell you when exactly I finished knitting this hat, you will be shocked and amazed and probably scared, because you will have then realized just how good I am at not doing things in a prompt-like manner.  When I think about it, I’m also scared because I begin to wonder if all my projects will be like this.  The answer is most likely a definite yes.  I think that’s just the nature of procrastinators.

Ok, so here’s the ugly truth about this hat.  I finished it in May. GAAAAAAAAAAAASP!!!!  Here’s the funniest part: (are you ready?) I finished knitting this hat in two consecutive days.  DOUBLE GAAAAAAAAAASP!!!  Yes, I really finished this hat nearly 3 months ago.  I finished it so quickly that I didn’t even bother photographing my progress.  Plus, I think the guy sitting next to me on the airplane thought I was weird in the first place, so I didn’t want to add to the weird factor by busting out my camera and posing the hat all over my tray table.

I couldn’t believe how fast I made it.  I was impressed with myself.  I had every intention of adding the buttons and blogging about it the moment I got back home.  But then a terrible thing happened…. I bought more yarn and cast on for about 10 more projects.  Oops?  Then I was just making excuses that I hadn’t seen the recipient in a while and we were kind of having a sort of summer in Seattle and I had to find the right buttons, and isn’t this other project so pretty and soft and don’t you want to touch it?  It was quite pathetic.

Pattern Details:

Pattern: Argyle Lace Hat by Laura Irwin in Boutique Knits
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Fresco (60% wool, 30% baby alpaca, 10% angora) in Charcoal Black
Needles: US 4 [3.5mm] Circulars
Modifications: None, knit exactly to pattern instructions
Recommend to a friend: Yes! 
Notes: Pattern is fun and easy to knit, with enough details to keep you busy.  This yarn is also pretty amazing.  It shows off the stitch definition well and it really softened up after blocking and has great drape.  Perfect for a slouchy hat or a flowing scarf.

Maybe I just like deadlines.  Maybe I just like the self-imposed pressure of finishing everything before some big event.  I’m not really sure.  But then the recipient of the hat decided to up and move to Vegas.  Umm, will she still want a hat if she lives in Vegas?  An alpaca/wool blend hat?!  She did.  So I buckled down and found the perfect (in my opinion… and mostly because I was tired of looking) buttons.  Thus I finished the hat and she’s really happy she has a warm hat, even though she’s now living in Vegas and I let another 3 weeks pass by without blogging about it.

So there you have it.  The story about how I procrastinated….yet again.

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