It’s been a while since I’ve left to work in the land of spices.  And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from all of my experiences over there it’s this: never, and I mean never, put your itty bitty wooden needles anywhere you’re likely to plant your behind.   This is the sad result of my fat, sloppy, inconsiderate ass:

That’s a bad ass!  Bad!  Maybe I should install one of those cameras back there for future accident prevention.

Sigh.  Suffice it to say, that I didn’t finish those socks.  But in all honesty, who really thought I was going to have those done?  Really.  I would really like to know which one of you fools actually thought I would be coming back with a completed pair of knitted socks?  Well, it doesn’t matter, because I was right in the middle of debating whether I should start over or not.  You see, the pattern is written for average size people with average size feet.  So here I am, with my child-size feet, adjusting the number of blocks thinking it will work better for me that way.  And it mostly did, until I got to the heel and it started to feel as though if I pulled any harder, I was going to rip the sock in half.  Maybe my foot was swollen from the Chennai heat?  Maybe my heel is just big-boned?  Maybe I have fat Korean heels along with fat Korean calves?  Either way, I need to stop pretending that just because my feet can fit into kid’s dinosaur galoshes with no problem, doesn’t mean that they’re dainty.  Therefore, yarn ramen:

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