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I’ve been sitting on this post for the last four or five weeks now.  Every once in a while, I had the chance to sit down and write about life and work in Japan.  I would start typing but the words wouldn’t come out.  I kept thinking: What time is it?  Where am I?  What am I doing here?  When will this end?  Who am I?  Why am I?  Obviously, the string of questions only a maniacal person on the fringe of despair would ask.  As a result, I never published anything.  In fact, I never got past the second sentence which went something like this: I’m pretty mentally drained, so bear with me as this post is completely incoherent….

Well, I’m back to “normal” life now.  However, I’m still waking up at 3am asking myself the same damn questions: What time is it? Where am I?  What the hell happened?  Whosits and the whatsits?  The usual half-consciously formed words that linger in the fogged up brain of a jet lagged soul.  Will the workmares never end?  Perhaps not.  Will this post prove to be more coherent?  Most definitely not.

I never know what to say when people ask me how the trip was and what I did and what’s new, etc.  How do you sum up ten weeks or even four in a few short, yet captivating, sentences?  How can you really describe to someone everything that you’ve done, everything that you’ve seen?  How do you describe a routine that isn’t a regular routine?  Pictures are good, but how do you pick the select few pictures that tell the story the way you remember it?  And how do those words and pictures even begin to describe the smells and sounds of the environment (which are huge in my book).  I struggle with this a lot when I come back from long trips.

But if we want to get down to the most basic of basics, I’ll tell you this much:  I could not wait to get back home to “regular” life, where I believed it to be warm and cozy and full of yarn.  The irony of it all is that it was snowing in Seattle the day I got back and I haven’t done a lick of knitting since, either.

It seemed like this last month just flew by.  But every once in a while, I’ll remember something specific about the trip and it’s always a fond memory.  Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t see it that way.  But I’m not going to be too hard on myself for that; it’s amazing how much easier it is to see when the beating stops.

Ramblings on life over, back to knitting tomorrow!  I’ve got some things to show you…

Konnichiwa!  I still have one more week in Japan, but today is finally the last day of work.  What have I been doing these last nine weeks (besides working in a shipyard with absolutely no female contact and wearing the same dirty smelly clothes every day), you ask?  Well, I’ll show you…

Experienced Oktoberfest in Hakata:

Went to fish markets:

Visited shrines, temples, and castles:

Celebrated Thanksgiving on the beaches of Okinawa:

Took in the sights of Naha:

Don’t worry.  I haven’t forgotten that this is a knitting blog, not a traveling one.  So here’s some knitterly things I did while in Japan:  I finished my shawl (still needs to be blocked…and ya, that’s my unmade hotel bed it’s posing on…whatevs), made a single mitten (still need to cast on for the pair), and taught a man to knit…in the round…on double pointed needles…and yes, he’s knitting his own mitten.

I can’t post any pictures of where I have been working, but let’s get together in a week over some hot tea and yarn and I’ll be glad to show you some awesome shipyard photos!

Forgive the post title.  I’m about 4 hours away from my departure time to Japan, and I wanted to quickly add this little post before I left.  My apartment is still not clean, I found a sweet potato in my cupboard that needs to be given to someone who will eat it, I need to finish packing, and I still haven’t eaten breakfast.  But it’s all about priorities, people!  So I took 15 minutes out of my time to wind a ball of yarn for my trip…like I said, priorities!

Anyways, check out this hat I made:

Just a basic, run of the mill beanie with stripes.  But the cool thing about this hat is the tubular cast on and the jogless stripes.  Also it only took two days to make, which is great considering all the other projects I’m working on are very time consuming.  So this was a fun little break from all that.

So Japan…it’s a work thing, that will turn into a play thing.  There will be sake.  There will be sushi.  There will be samurai sword fights with komodo dragons!!!  Ok, maybe not that last part, but admit it, that would be pretty friggin’ cool.  I hate leaving projects behind, but even though I tried really really hard, I didn’t finish Aidez.  I did a good chunk of the front pieces, but alas, I will have to come back to it in a couple of months.  I am taking Rock Island shawl with me though since it’s pretty lightweight and the pattern is pretty simple to memorize.

Hopefully I’ll get a few chances to catch up on the blog while I’m gone, but in the meantime, fellow knitters: knit on!

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