Sewing is not my strong suit, not in the least.  All of my excessive knitting has trained my hands to believe that they’re the ones in charge.  When I sew, the fact that my foot is controlling the speed of the machine seems to confuse my hands and brain.  I know I should probably equate sewing to driving, but I’m kind of a lead-foot and late braker, so that doesn’t help either.  When I drive sew sometimes my speed gets a little bit out of control….and I kinda freak out…just a little.  The next thing I know, the sewing machine is whirring at a higher frequency, the fabric is shooting out the other side and the line that I’ve been sewing more closely resembles a sine wave than a straight line.  It takes a while for me to realize that the problem is my foot.  Oh, you mean when I stop pushing on the pedal things start to slow down?  I see.

Regardless of my sewing deficiency, I like how most of my things turn out.  No one really notices that your sewing lines aren’t straight and no one cares that your button is sewn off-center, or that somehow you managed to reshape the circles on your fabric into ovals (still not sure how that happened).  Plus, isn’t that the point of homemade crafts?  They’re supposed to be wonky.  It’s all the more reason to love them.

I made these camera straps based on this tutorial by Ikat Bag and now I know how to apply interfacing (which would have been helpful information when I made this).  I made the straps a little longer than the tutorial suggested, so I can sling my camera over my shoulder.  I’m pretty proud of the end results, regardless of the crooked lines and misshapen circles.

Oh and because no craft project of mine would be complete without a broken needle…. Has anyone been keeping track?  Is this three?  Four?  I’m starting to think I should change my blog name to Broken Needle Crafts.