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Sewing is not my strong suit, not in the least.  All of my excessive knitting has trained my hands to believe that they’re the ones in charge.  When I sew, the fact that my foot is controlling the speed of the machine seems to confuse my hands and brain.  I know I should probably equate sewing to driving, but I’m kind of a lead-foot and late braker, so that doesn’t help either.  When I drive sew sometimes my speed gets a little bit out of control….and I kinda freak out…just a little.  The next thing I know, the sewing machine is whirring at a higher frequency, the fabric is shooting out the other side and the line that I’ve been sewing more closely resembles a sine wave than a straight line.  It takes a while for me to realize that the problem is my foot.  Oh, you mean when I stop pushing on the pedal things start to slow down?  I see.

Regardless of my sewing deficiency, I like how most of my things turn out.  No one really notices that your sewing lines aren’t straight and no one cares that your button is sewn off-center, or that somehow you managed to reshape the circles on your fabric into ovals (still not sure how that happened).  Plus, isn’t that the point of homemade crafts?  They’re supposed to be wonky.  It’s all the more reason to love them.

I made these camera straps based on this tutorial by Ikat Bag and now I know how to apply interfacing (which would have been helpful information when I made this).  I made the straps a little longer than the tutorial suggested, so I can sling my camera over my shoulder.  I’m pretty proud of the end results, regardless of the crooked lines and misshapen circles.

Oh and because no craft project of mine would be complete without a broken needle…. Has anyone been keeping track?  Is this three?  Four?  I’m starting to think I should change my blog name to Broken Needle Crafts.

My mind is a scary place to be.  If I weren’t me, I wouldn’t want to be.  Contrariwise, since I am me, I spend most of my day freaking out.  And because you aren’t me (even though I know you totally want to be), I’m letting you in on what’s been on my mind this last week (because I can tell you’re dying to know).

First to bat: why do Amy’s Cheddar Bunnies taste like band aids?  And why did I spend money on something that made me think of licking dirty band aids while I was eating it?  Does anyone else get this exquisite taste while eating their organic cheese friends?  I think the most disturbing thing about this is that despite the taste, I ate it all.

Supposedly I’m dehydrated.  I try to remind myself to drink water, but I forget.  This is probably why I get dizzy when I work out with Jillian Michaels.  Damn, that B is scary.  She should put out a video that shows her just sitting in a chair drinking water and yelling at the camera.  I would totally start drinking water then.

How many days until Christmas?  Four?!?  I should probably give up sleeping and start knitting instead, because these xmas gifts aren’t going to knit themselves.  I can’t go into details about my current projects, but here’s a sneak peak into what I’m knitting:

I really wanted to see Black Swan this week, but I can’t knit in the dark.  Is there such thing as glow-in-the-dark yarn?  If not, I need to get on it.  I also need to go to the gym, but I wonder if people will look at me funny if I start knitting on the exercise bike.  I think knitting and cycling would go perfectly together.  What could go wrong?

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Because sometimes, you need a little bit of excitement to get you pumped for Monday…

Freshy’s Five Step Program: Adding Edging to Lace

  1. Break needle with unrealized kung-fu grip potential.
  2. Stare in shock for at least 3 whole minutes.  Cry if necessary; it’s almost always necessary.
  3. Use any means available to pick up dropped stitches, including (but not limited to): using broken end of needle, using stitch holder, drinking wine, swearing profusely, etc…
  4. Run to the closest LYS and purchase new aluminum needle that is able to withstand person’s inability to handle all things delicate.
  5. Transfer 1380 stitches to new needle.  Cast broken needle away with the other wounded soldier.

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It’s been a while since I’ve left to work in the land of spices.  And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from all of my experiences over there it’s this: never, and I mean never, put your itty bitty wooden needles anywhere you’re likely to plant your behind.   This is the sad result of my fat, sloppy, inconsiderate ass:

That’s a bad ass!  Bad!  Maybe I should install one of those cameras back there for future accident prevention.

Sigh.  Suffice it to say, that I didn’t finish those socks.  But in all honesty, who really thought I was going to have those done?  Really.  I would really like to know which one of you fools actually thought I would be coming back with a completed pair of knitted socks?  Well, it doesn’t matter, because I was right in the middle of debating whether I should start over or not.  You see, the pattern is written for average size people with average size feet.  So here I am, with my child-size feet, adjusting the number of blocks thinking it will work better for me that way.  And it mostly did, until I got to the heel and it started to feel as though if I pulled any harder, I was going to rip the sock in half.  Maybe my foot was swollen from the Chennai heat?  Maybe my heel is just big-boned?  Maybe I have fat Korean heels along with fat Korean calves?  Either way, I need to stop pretending that just because my feet can fit into kid’s dinosaur galoshes with no problem, doesn’t mean that they’re dainty.  Therefore, yarn ramen:

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