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When someone asks you where you were this weekend and you respond: “A sheep and wool festival in New York”, they will most likely look at you like you are from another planet.  Unless of course they are knitters/crafters/fiber lovers.  You know what I love the most about Rhinebeck was that you were surrounded by the warmest (quite literally) people on the planet that love what you love and totally get why you flew all the way from the other coast to pet sheep and fondle the sweaters of strangers.

The weekend at Rhinebeck was absolutely wonderful!  I was so excited to finally meet Holly in person and get my knit on with her and she is ever so sweet and amazing in person as I thought she would be.

I’m not sure what I was expecting with the festival, but it far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined.  Of course it was beautiful and everyone was wearing such amazing works of art and the sheep and alpacas stole my heart over and over again.

I bought a couple of things, but no yarn (I know, that’s absolutely crazy): a yarn bowl and some buttons made from sheep horn.

I awkwardly approached Ysolda and probably annoyed the crap out of her with my terrible fan-girl stutter.  I took a nip with Steven.  I knitted, I laughed, I ate good food and met some really great people.

This weekend, however, didn’t go without an accident, because it’s me and I’m accident-prone apparently and the world enjoys laughing at my sorry ass.  It’s ok, though because I like laughing at my sorry ass too.

The first morning, I decided I needed coffee, which I never ever drink because caffeine makes me crazy, but I thought it would be a good idea because I’m going to Rhinebeck and needed to have my wits about me.  Also, because I might have possibly stayed up until 3am after flying all day to weave in the ends of my Rhinebeck sweater.  Oh…woops.  Anyways, we’re driving to Rhinebeck and because I’m a coffee noob I don’t get a sleeve for my cup.  Also I can’t find the cupholders in the back seat of the car.  So I’m holding this really hot cup of coffee…until I’m not holding it anymore because I drop the entire thing in my lap.  As the seatbelt pins me down to the seat, the hot liquid soaks through my only pair of jeans (because of course leather seats don’t soak up coffee) and burns my ass while I scream obscenities (possibly deterring Holly from ever wanted to interact with me publicly ever again).  Miraculously, the white sweater that I am wearing, that I finished at 3am the night before, does not get a single drop of brown liquid on it.  My pants are soaked and smell like coffee and I’m pretty sure that a blister has formed on my lower right cheek.

Coffee: 1, Freshy: 0

Later in the day, we purchased a bottle of red wine so we could drink and knit at the tables and make Holly’s gentleman, Jake, feel terribly uncomfortable and sorry that he didn’t bring his knitting.  I’m knitting with white silk, so you can see where this is going…  Along comes a freak gust of wind, knocks my cup (because we’re classy like that) of wine over and onto the pretty white silk.

Red wine: 1, Freshy: 0

Here’s the upside to all of this: My pants were dark, so no one noticed they were wet with coffee and they were dry by midday.  I managed to wash most of the wine out of the silk when we got back to the hotel that night and I don’t think you can tell, but now I have a knotted mess of silk to deal with.  So I give myself 2 points for quick recovery.  That about evens up the score.  And really how upset can you be when you’re hanging out with this guy?

Oh did you notice that I also finished my Naragansett sweater?  That means I owe you two FO posts.  But that will have to wait, because Tales From New York, Part 2 is coming up next…

More Rhinebeck photos can be found here too!

Freshy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!  Waaaah!!

So I guess I should clarify that no, I did not make any of the things in the first group of photos from the last post.  Those are all pictures I took while in Argentina last February.  Yes, I have finally decided that it is time to sort through all 1254 pictures…. A woven hammock, a hand knit fair isle sweater made with alpaca fiber, and a crocheted chair cover.  Even though I wasn’t knitting while on vacation, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the fiber arts.  Knitting nerd much?

The next two groups of photos are of my latest FO modeled on the lovely Lisa.  If there are others out there looking to expand their modeling portfolio, drop me a line.  It’s hard to photograph yourself in knitwear…

Pattern: Braided Slouch by Holly Priestly aka Sillylittlelady
Yarn: SweetGeorgia Yarns Merino Silk DK, Goldmine (~300 yds)
Needles: Knit Picks US 2 for the ribbing and US 5 for the cable pattern
Modifications: None.  Test knit as written
Recommend to a Friend: Most Definitely

I really love this hat pattern for so many reasons.  I never really thought I would like slouch hats because I always thought they were kind of shapeless and baggy looking.  But I think this slouch hat works because the cables give it some structure and depth.  The pattern itself is simple and makes for a fast knit, and the end result is visually stunning.  I think this is a great pattern for beginners learning how to cable and for those that want to move past basic hat patterns.  Most importantly, I love this pattern because it got me out of my knitting funk!  I used up the remainder of my yarn from Haruni, which turned out to be the perfect pick for the pattern.  I think cables are a great way to show off variegation in yarn.

Anyways, you may be wondering about the socks.  Or maybe I distracted you enough with the last few posts that you forgot?  I can only hope, because the truth is, I still haven’t touched them.  This is where the socks are now…tucked away in a bag, sitting on the floor…

So, while I avoided making eye contact with half finished socks last weekend, I accidentally walked into a yarn store, then I accidentally meandered over to the laceweight section where my eyes accidentally fell upon this lovely skein of Madelinetosh in Tart, and then I accidentally picked up the skein and sniffed it and rubbed it all over my face while drooling ever so slightly.  I promptly walked out of the store after accidentally purchasing said skein and stuffing it into my bag whilst dreaming of all the fun we were going to have together.  Total.Accident.

I’ve started knitting another lace shawl.  I know, I know…I said I wouldn’t.  I damn near broke down the last time I did this, but hear me out before you roll your eyes at me and tell me I’m a bad Freshy. The pattern is Rock Island Shawl by Brooklyn Tweed.  Just look at it and tell me you wouldn’t want to knit that.  I double dog dare you.  So as you can see, I have to do this.  Besides, it’s knit on US 6 needles, so it’ll be easier to handle than the last shawl I did on US 1 and of course, less chance of needle breakage.  Also, I start with the edging, which means that the further along I progress, the less I have to knit per row.  So far the pattern is pretty simple to memorize and is making for some pretty fast knitting.  I refuse to have a breakdown with this shawl.  So just, you know, roll with it.

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