Holy yarn balls, Batman, I have four FO’s sitting here in front of me waiting to be shown to the world!!  Seriously, four FO’s!  But I don’t want to overload you with the awesomeness that is my knitting…and also, I need to quickly type out this post because there are crepes out there with my name on it.  mmm…delicious crepes, I can taste you now… What was I saying?  Oh right, FO’s.  Four FO’s.  But you only get to see two for now.  And that’s not two four.  Sorry, it’s early and I’m too distracted by crepes to make good jokes.

You know what I love about knitting stuff for babies (I mean besides the obvious fact that babies look friggin AH-dorable in handmade knits)?  They’re so quick!  So quick and require so little yarn that you can make two baby hats in two days from one skein of yarn.  That’s what I call a logistical dream come true.

Pattern Details

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Berroco Blackstone Tweed in Ancient Mariner (aka brownish with purple and green tweed nupps).  Each hat used up approximately 63 yards.
Needles: US 8 [5 mm], Circular
Size: Fits 3-6 month old
Recommend to a Friend: Well, I would if there was a pattern.  Would you want a free pattern?

I made both hats up as I went, but it’s not like they’re anything too profoundly original.  That being said, would anyone be interested if I wrote up the pattern and offered it for free?

There’s a lesson to be learned in making baby hats, which is this: DPN’s are your friend, especially when your only size 8 circular needles are 46″ long.  It was only slightly annoying having all that extra cable just hanging out doing whatever it wanted.  I was sure I had some size 8 DPN’s somewhere.  Maybe they ran away with my size 7 circulars, which I could of sworn I had.  Ooh, plus side: this means that I can buy myself some new needles at work this weekend!  I mean….make do with what I have because it’s not good to spend all of your paychecks at the yarn store.  *sad face*  But it’s my birthday?  I mean soon, like in a month…but still….right?  Right?!  Someone help me out here!

It’s raining right now in Seattle (surprise, surprise), the kind of rain that requires me to wear rainboots, and the crepes are out there somewhere.  After I eat them, I will probably sit somewhere nice and cozy and knit some more.  Maybe that sweater that I need to finish…. And then maybe when you come back in a few days I will have not two, but three more FO’s to show you.  Well, one can dream.

PS. I’m joining other knitters over at Tami’s blog for FO Friday.  Check out how productive we can be!

PPS.  On a totally unrelated note, (I find if I add a photo at the end of a post, you guys actually read the whole thing.  I’m onto you, slackers.  Oh I’m onto you….) I have tomatoes!!