So funny story… Remember that one time I said I’m not buying anymore yarn?  Hahaha, hohoho, hahah heehee…. ahem.

So, uh… ya.  Can we skip past the part where I apologize for not being a better person and knitter and stashbuster and can we also skip the part where I try to justify it?  Good!  I’m glad that’s settled and we can put that all behind us; I can tell that we’re going to be great friends.

Friends!  I want to show you something I just finished making with newly purchased yarn.


I give you Sabrina: an infinity scarf of my own devices.  Named so, because that’s whom I’m gifting it to and because I’m terrible at naming anything but plants (at least I think my plant names rock).  It’s a soft and lacy little number that you can easily wrap around twice (or even thrice, if you make it long enough, which I did).  I love combining lace motifs almost as much as I love twisted stitches.  Do you know about the magic and beauty of twisted stitches?  I might make a few mods for future iterations. Like maybe pick up stitches along the edge to add a border of sorts.  And I’d probably make it a little shorter since this cowl has a lot of stretch lengthwise when you wear it.  But otherwise, I love how it turned out.

Also, this is my first time knitting with Malabragio.  Whahahahahaaaaa?!?!  I know.  I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to jump on the Malabrigo band wagon.  Maybe because most of their colorways disturb me.  But this one.  This one is a gem.  And so nice to work with.  So nice that I didn’t want to stop knitting with it.

I would really love to write this pattern up and put it up on ravelry.  It’s kind of late and I’m in a rambling mood, so I’m just going to air my apprehensions and fears for a moment, so bear with me… I’m really nervous and afraid of venturing out there as a designer.  Am I good enough?  Are my patterns good enough?  Are my ideas different enough to stand out?  I have to admit that I’m pretty judgmental about other patterns.  What I would pay for which patterns and so on.  So I think that’s how other people are as well.  And being rejected is a terrible thought.  But I guess we’ll never know until I try, right?  I’d like to know what you think, as knitters and readers and craft lovers alike:  Could you see yourself knitting this?  Could you see yourself wearing this?  Would you think differently about it if it was a free versus a paid pattern?

Thanks for letting me air my thoughts.  And thanks for letting me get away with buying more yarn when I said I wouldn’t.  You guys are all amazing and I love you.