I think I owe you a recount of the second half of my trip to New York.  But I thought it would have been a little inappropriate to show you what a great time I had in New York, while Sandy ransacked the East coast.  (sidenote: does anyone else picture a giant one of these or one of these whipping around the East coast?  Not to totally downplay the reality of a hurricane, but Sandy?  Really?)

Anyways, I’m glad to know that my one friend out there in Brooklyn is doing great and staying dry.  Hopefully everyone else is staying safe and will recover quickly from the storm.

When we were walking around the Brooklyn bridge last week, this is what it looked like:

And then Sandy made it look like this and Jane’s carousel in the back like this.

I’m lucky I didn’t get stranded there (although, like a champ, I missed my flight out due to a very delayed train).  As much as I liked visiting New York, I don’t think I could ever live there.  I would be perpetually lost and consistently lacking in style.  Also, why are the subways so hot and can anyone really understand what they’re announcing over the loudspeakers?!

Sarah was a great hostess though.  She knows how to feed me and take me to cool free things like the Tatzu Nishi‘s Christopher Columbus tower exhibit.  When was the last time you stared a 75ft tall monument in the face?  Or rather…foot.


Also I was thinking that this had to be the cleanest Chris has been since his debut.  I wonder who had the honorary job of cleaning all the bird turd off his shoulders….

She also knows that I love LOVE yarn and that a trip to Purl Soho is kind of a must for me.  Dear lord that shop is tiny and there were at least 5 employees in there.  I think if less people worked there, it might be easier for the shoppers to move around, but maybe that’s just me.

After every single employee and their mother asked if I needed help, I finally caved and bought a skein of MadelineTosh.  Ok, fiiiine, I bought two skeins of MadTosh.  The color combo was hard to resist.  Like an andes mint.  Who says no to that?  No one.

We walked around the city a lot.  And I got really turned around and lost a lot.  And then I saw David Cross and Amber Tamblyn and freaked out a little (ok, a lot!), because I get excited by stupid things like that.  They looked like real people, which I understand is because they are in fact real people, but you know what I mean.

And then sadly, I had to go home (or at least attempt to go home and then have a major breakdown in the airport upon missing my flight).  I hate coming back from vacation and realizing that I have work and things to do.  I have so many things to show you and I’m trying to organize all my thoughts and time and whatever else.  I’m doing a really bad job so far.  But, I did manage to squeeze in a little time this weekend to make this awesome Halloween costume.  It’s baaaamazing.