I hate hate hate chain letters.  I hate when people send chain letters.  I hate that I always want to participate in chain letters despite the fact that which I said in the first two sentences.

That being said, I’ve been nominated (thanks Steven) for a liebster blog award (does this mean that Steven thinks I’m cool?) and I’m participating in this crazy cockamany thing for a few reasons:

1.  It’s my birthday and I do what I want today, and this week, and next week and pretty much all month.  Because I’m the birthday girl and I deserve it.

2. I’m waiting for my homemade coconut ice cream (ya you heard me) to freeze so I can eat it.

3. Even though my wish to date that one cool skater guy (read with 10+ yrs of hindsight: douchebag) in high school with bleach blonde (read 10 yrs later: ugly as shit) hair never came true after I sent out that stupid stupid chain letter Freshman year, I don’t want to die a horrible death for not doing this one.  Of course, I know that it’s very unlikely and I’m not even following all the rules.  Whatever.  See reason number 1.

4. I don’t have any knitting stuff to show you today because I’m not allowed to buy any more yarn and I’m being kind of bitter about it.

So here we go…eleven random things about yours truly after the jump (in no particular order!!)

~ I have terrible hand-eye coordination and hate playing team sports with people where those skills are required because I’m embarrassed at my extreme suckiness.

~ I really like the process of organizing things, except for clothes.  Those just get thrown wherever I feel like it.

~ I have recurring dreams where I’m an undercover agent (sometimes superhero) and I look hot in spandex.

~ My insides boil with rage when I watch people struggle to perform simple tasks.  This is why I’m afraid to have children.

~ I wish I had a baby because then my blog would be super popular.

~ I now have to call my mom and explain that to her.

~ I can’t wink.

~ Because I didn’t have a Ken doll growing up, my Barbies had inter-species relationships with my Ninja Turtles.  They never worked out.

~ I don’t like when bloggers are elusive and don’t post pictures of themselves.  Disembodied pictures of feet wearing shoes/sandals are dumb and ugly when I don’t know what your face looks like.

~ I’m a crappy social networker and I don’t want to play Words With Friends with you.

~ I love cribbage almost as much as I love knitting.

That was 11, which means that I now have to answer Steven’s questions.  They scare me.

how was your first sexual experience?  Dear lord, my mom sometimes reads this blog…. Do first kisses count?  If so, it sucked and tasted like bubble gum and sprite.  I hate bubble gum and sprite.  If first kisses don’t count, then I just remember thinking that boys look gross naked.

what is your greatest prejudice?  It’s a tie between frat boys and skinny jean wearing hipsters.

who’s your favorite knitting blogger that isn’t me?  Um…me?  I used to be so in love with Eunny Jang.  But she stopped blogging…mostly.

what is the achievement about which you are most proud?  Any day that I get into work before 9 is pretty good.  I’m easily pleased, I suppose.

what is your biggest grammatical pet peeve? Sometimes it really is “you and me” and not “you and I”.

what is your most prized possession?  My awesome handmade craft table (thanks to my talented gentleman!)

do you enjoy lying?  Not really.  Guilt isn’t my favorite feeling.

do prefer men, women, or other?  Other?  Sheep.  Baaaaaa.

what is your drink of choice?  Do milkshakes count?  No?  Then, tea or tap water, no ice.

what is the best place in the world?  The woods.  Or on top of a mountain.  Or a secluded beach.  What I mean is, places where people are scarce.

do you think, like i do, that continental knitters are like the sneetches without stars?  I’m a continental knitter.  And I think it’s better :)

I honestly don’t feel like spreading this thing around, so instead, I ask you this: If you were an ice cream, what flavor would you be and why?

PS.  If you don’t answer, your wish won’t come true.  My wish is not coming true because I didn’t follow the liebster rules.

PPS. Bonus question:  What flavor ice cream would K2P2 be?

PPPS.  Bonus Bonus question:  Is my blog seriously lame because I have a robot instead of a baby?  Honestly.