Sometimes when I tell people that I ripped out a whole mitten/sweater/scarf/etc and started over again, people look at me like I’m crazy.  Like what I did was the hardest thing every imaginable in the world of knitting.  I guess it’s a hard decision to make, but in reality all you have to do is grab one end and pull.  Easy peasy lemon something.

No, the hardest part about knitting (I think) is the part right after you stitched your last stitch and right before you adorn yourself with your newest creation.  Before you wear anything handknit, you have to take on the mundane tasks of weaving in ends and blocking.  Sometimes these tasks aren’t too bad.  Sometimes they seem like hell on earth.  For instance, this mess of yarn ends…

I love a lot of things about knitting, like detangling yarn, winding center-pull balls, and seaming to name a few… But if there is one thing that I absolutely despise doing, it’s weaving in ends.  And, as you can see, these mittens are not without an overabundance of loose ends.

What do you have on your needles?  What’s your least (or most, if you really don’t dislike anything, in which case, I think you’re a weirdo) favorite part about knitting?  Also, I’m joining other knitters at Tami’s blog for WIP Wednesdays.  Head over to see what other knitters have in the works!