Spring is officially here, though it hardly feels like it.  It snowed a little bit on Sunday and I have yet to leave the apartment in the morning without a scarf, a hat, and my rain jacket.  I wish I could leave the house with some mittens on, but alas, I have but a lone mitt due to a tragic accident in Japan.  Oh, and I have these:

A gift from my mom a couple of winters ago.  Yes, they squeak, which makes it hard for people to take me seriously when I try to fist bump them.  Then again, how you’re supposed to take anyone seriously when presented with a bro fist, is beyond me.  Mom, I love these mittens.  I still wear them on occasion (just ask any of my friends), but a girl’s gotta have options.  I know you’ll understand.

Besides, if I’m going to don handmade scarves and hats, I might as well put on some handknit mitts.   It’s really the only way to go here.  How appropriate is this pattern for Spring mittens?  Oh how I love pretty colorwork on itty bitty wooden needles.  Something about it makes me feel so prim and proper; all my flowers standing neatly in their rows.

Look at the colors!  Look at the flowers!  It screams SPRING!!  With these mittens on, I’ll surely be able to look past the cold wind, grey skies, and occasional snow bursts and welcome Spring with warm hands.

Oh and by the way, yesterday was Persian New Years.  Happy Norouz!  If you have any Persian friends, wish them a happy new year.  They will like it and they will like you.  Maybe they will offer you some baklava.  I would offer you some baklava, if I didn’t intend to eat the whole pan by myself.  There is no shame in this.

How are you going to welcome this Spring?  Work in the garden?  Clean your home?  Pay your taxes?  Knit some colorful mittens?