Subtitled: Not the Same as Sewing a Bag

Or: I Suck at Sewing

Or: What the Hell Am I Doing With This Sewing Machine?

Or: I Would Rather Be Knitting

Or: Throwing Things Across the Room Does Not Accomplish Anything and Now You Have To Walk Over There and Pick It Up, Genius.

All those things pretty much sums up Monday.  It’s a good thing I didn’t write this post when I was a rather angry and unpleasant seamstress throwing temper tantrums and sewing notions.  Although maybe the post would have read funnier and with more profanity.

How amazing is it that just at the climax of my anger, I got a soft knock on the door.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that my MadelineTosh yarn had arrived.  It’s like the knitting gods were watching over me, seeing me fail miserably at sewing and knew that I would need a pick me up.  Something that would remind me that there are good times ahead and that I should keep on sewing, because once I’m done, I can go back to knitting.

With a little less anger in my heart, I continued to sew and I discovered some things about myself and sewing:

  1. I’m less of a perfectionist, therefore more forgiving of my shortcomings with sewing.  Which is good for my self esteem and growth.  So what if I still can’t sew in a straight line and I forget that my foot is somehow involved in the whole fiasco?  I’m learning and that is A-ok.
  2. I want to learn.  I want to be a fine seamstress and make my own clothing.  I want to be able to pick out beautiful fabric and whip up something amazing with it.
  3. Sewing is messy.  Thread, thread, thread everywhere!!!  On the table, on the fabric, on the floor, on my person, in my cupcake…
  4. I hate the clutter involved with sewing.  So many tools are required and so much space.  Because of this, I feel like I have to finish sewing my project right after I start.  It can’t linger for days at a time like knitting can.  And so then I feel rushed to finish.  Rushing leads to:
  5. Cursing.  Throwing.  Temper.  Angry Freshy.
  6. Buttonholes can just fucking die.  Fuck you, buttonholes.  Why do I have such a hard time with buttonholes?  Why?!
  7. Ripping out machine stitches is so much harder than ripping out knitting.  And surprisingly, not fun at all.  Neither is tangled thread.  Those things can both die too.
  8. Handstitching is awesome.  I love handstitching.  I like the sound the thread makes as it’s being pulled through the fabric.  Seriously, listen next time.  It’s such a pleasing sound.  I learned how to catchstitch yesterday and I can honestly say that was the funnest part of this project.
  9. The more I think about it, feet shouldn’t be involved in any handcraft.  It just doesn’t feel right and probably never will.
  10. I’m probably going to keep sewing despite all the negatives.  Because I’m hoping those feelings will go away with time and experience.  Also because I love being miserable.  Haha, not really.

All in all, I have a new shirt with pretty buttons and really ugly buttonholes.  I can’t decide if I like the shirt or not.  It’s vintage-esque, I suppose, and the shape is different than anything I would ever wear.  Then again, I don’t know anything about fashion and am constantly making poor fashion choices.  I love love love the fabric and the buttons.  I love the back.  I love that it’s handmade.  I would hate to see it just sitting in my closet.  So let’s discuss: Should I add the tie after all and hope it brings the sleeves up and close that gaping neckline?  Should I take it in a little?  Leave it as is?  Pair with jeans?  Pair with a skirt?  Be honest please, as constructive criticism is always appreciated.

The Details
Pattern: Sencha by Colette Patterns, size 6
Fabric: Memoire a Paris by Lecien
Buttons: Antique glass from Germany, exact source unknown
Modifications: Didn’t add the ties to the neckline, because bows near the neck freak me out.  Yet I still wanted the keyhole thing. Kind of thinking I should just add the ties, because that gaping hole at the neck is also weird.
Recommend:  Maybe?  I guess it depends on what y’all think about it.