It happened.  Again.  I was just minding my own business, checking my email, doing thinking about doing my laundry, drinking some tea and suddenly I found myself here and here and, oh god….here.  How did that happen?  My credit card was lying next to me; it smelled strongly of misuse.  My email was blinking, signaling I had new messages, mostly confirming what I didn’t want to be confirmed.  My pulse was racing, palms sweating, I had a shit-eating grin, but it felt so wrong.  K2P2 looked on disappointed, disgusted…. But by the time I could comprehend it all, it was too late.  The deed had been done.

I’m sure to the outside observer, it looked like I was in control.  It probably looked like I knew what I wanted, the way I was breezing through the websites, picking out the perfect colorway for the perfect sweater.  Effortlessly making my way through the ordering process, typing in that 3 digit security code like it ain’t no thang.  I’m sure that’s exactly what it looked like, because I could see myself doing it.  I wanted to stop, but I was paralyzed against this strong (yet oddly familiar) urge to buy all yarns.  I lost all control to the nerves in my fingers, clicking away on the mouse, working that 10-key.  It was as if I was being possessed by the yarn itself.

Yarn.  It seems so fragile, so innocuous.  Yet, it has a darkside; a quiet desire to control you.  It beguiles you with it’s lustrous coat and silky touch.  It holds you.  It keeps you.  It steals your credit card and buys itself for you, usually in mass quantities.  I swear, that’s exactly how it happened.

Madelinetosh Vintage in Opaline made me do it.

Rowan Fine Tweed made me do it.

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed made me do it.

Basically, every single one of Thea’s patterns made me do it.  Not saying that Thea Colman is fraternizing with the darkside.  I’m sure she’s lovely; in fact, part of my daily fantasy entails us frolicking through yarn stores together, sipping on a cocktail or two, laughing because we are millionaires and can buy whatever we want, and we do.  But damn it all if she would stop putting out so many awesome designs!

You may think that I’m in denial and trying to place blame on others (as is usually the case with any addiction).  But I assure you, this all happened against my will.  I’m a lovely person that believes in frugality and abhors frivolous spending.  I would never…oh, hello there…..