Seattle is always in complete disarray when it snows.  Schools and businesses shut down, grocery stores are overcrowded with people rushing to stock up on non-perishable items, the roads are taken over by cross country skiers clad in their newest REI gear…

Me?  I make sure I’m stocked up on yarn, because if I’m going to be stuck at home, I might as well be doing something productive and fun.  Let’s not forget the hot cocoa.  That’s definitely a must for snowy days.

Before you drink hot cocoa, it is very important to block your pieces of Aidez.  First of all, it’s white and you are a klutz.  Secondly, it’s much more fun to sip hot cocoa while you’re pondering your next project.

Really, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with planning your next project before you’ve officially finished your current one.  I’m thinking stripes, I’m thinking open, drapey cardigan, I’m thinking nautical… knotical?  Well, I laughed on the inside.

How do you enjoy your snow days?  Do you stay in or out?  Knit or ski?  Hot cocoa or hot tea…or hot toddy?  Whatever it is, hope you’re staying warm!