I’m done with the first sleeve of Aidez!  Now I face a critical decision (one that I face nearly every night that I stay home knitting): stay up late and have probably the best, most productive solo knit night ever(!) or go to bed like a responsible adult (pfft).  Unfortunately, no wait: Fortunately… No, I was right the first time: Unfortunately, I made a promise to myself to wake up early and attend the gym like all those other over achievers.

I would like to take the time right now to point out how difficult it is to photograph your own arm and get it in focus.  There are about 15 or so more photos where this brilliant shot came from.  But I’ll save the outtake slide show for another time.

Oh and just a word of advice:  If you have a pattern that is designed to be knit flat, and in all your brilliance, you decide to knit it in the round instead, remember that when they say to knit on the WS, you should probably purl that row because it is now the RS.  Seems obvious right?  I thought so too, but I forgot this information on the transition row between my cuff and sleeve.  Lucky for me, I love ripping out rows and rows of knitting….