Konnichiwa!  I still have one more week in Japan, but today is finally the last day of work.  What have I been doing these last nine weeks (besides working in a shipyard with absolutely no female contact and wearing the same dirty smelly clothes every day), you ask?  Well, I’ll show you…

Experienced Oktoberfest in Hakata:

Went to fish markets:

Visited shrines, temples, and castles:

Celebrated Thanksgiving on the beaches of Okinawa:

Took in the sights of Naha:

Don’t worry.  I haven’t forgotten that this is a knitting blog, not a traveling one.  So here’s some knitterly things I did while in Japan:  I finished my shawl (still needs to be blocked…and ya, that’s my unmade hotel bed it’s posing on…whatevs), made a single mitten (still need to cast on for the pair), and taught a man to knit…in the round…on double pointed needles…and yes, he’s knitting his own mitten.

I can’t post any pictures of where I have been working, but let’s get together in a week over some hot tea and yarn and I’ll be glad to show you some awesome shipyard photos!