Seattle has seen it’s 3 weeks of summer and so now we enter into our overcast and slightly chilled days.  Most people would complain about this.  It’s mid-September already?  Why is it so cloudy today?  Where has the summer gone?  I haven’t been able to tan my rear yet.  So on and so forth.  Not I.  No, I welcome Fall with open arms and jubilation in my heart.

Fall means that knitting season is here, not that I ever stop knitting, but somehow it’s cozier to knit when it’s cold outside and the rain is pitter-pattering on the window.  The knitting high begins, where any particular knitter is keen on making anything and everything for everyone in time for the holidays.  Of course, whether or not we ever accomplish the things we set out to knit is an entirely different story.  Fall means I can close my windows and my neighbors can close their windows and therefore I no longer have to listen to moans and cries of pure ecstasy.  Ahh, apartment living.

Fall means knitting sweaters, like Aidez.

Fall means wearing shawls, like Rock Island.

Fall means butternut squash curry.

Fall means apple/pecan/pumpkin pie.

Fall means I can stop worrying about being bikini ready, because honestly my body is just meant to be under a cardigan.

Fall means finding cute boots to wear if only to knit cute legwarmers that will peep just so over the top.

Fall means back to school sales on crayons and other craftacular tools.

Fall means I can start showing off my handknits!

Basically, I love Fall.  I also love the way the shawl is looking with my new gauge.  I kept the edging from my first iteration so I could compare.  I know it’s subtle to the most casual observer (hint: it’s the bottom one), but the important thing is that I notice and I’m completely happy with the change.

I’ve also started on Aidez, although working overtime has forced me to prioritize sleep over everything else.  One should not knit when one is tired.  At least this is what I tell myself after I make a million mistakes over three rows.  I always think I can do it, but it turns out I’m just an idiot.

But fellow knitters, I have a dilemma…. the gauge for Aidez is 15 st across by 16 rows = 4″.  I get 4″ across, but I don’t get a 4″ height.  I feel like this will work out in the end because I’m short, so I won’t miss that little extra bit in height.  However, I’m worried how this will affect the armscye, which I heard is tight to begin with.  Anyone have any suggestions for this besides knitting one needle size up?  I tried swatching with a US11 and it came out pretty sloppy.

For now, I will continue to knit and keep my eyes open for big piles of leaves to jump in.  Who’s with me?