The trouble with mindless knitting is that while it seems completely plausible to knit in garter stitch for a million effin’ rows without the use of brain power, it is not entirely the best idea.  And for the most part should not be attempted.  Unless of course you don’t care if you looked down at your work and noticed that your stitch count was off by one and you slipped a stitch about 20 rows down.  siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

That wasn’t exactly the expression I let out a week ago when I made this discovery.  There was an f and a lot of u’s and then I tucked my knitting under a load of laundry that needed folding.  You know…for safe keeping?  The thing is that I’m the type of knitter that will not let this go lightly.  I can’t.  I will forever be reminded of the failures of mindless knitting every time I would wear this shawl.  So, I began to talk myself into tinking back down to a place where I knew my stitch count was correct and where I didn’t have slipped stitches glaring at me with evil slipped stitchy eyes.

Then a thought occurred to me.  A bigger thought than I am brave enough to share with you.  But this is a safe place, so here it goes: I’m going to reknit the whole damn thing.  Ya.  I’m sorry if you’re scared about this.  I’m scared too.  No one likes to go back to square one.  No one wants to go back.  But I’m not happy with the size of the shawl.  I feel like it’s too small and even though I’m about 20 rows from finishing (yes, really I’m that fucking close and I’m talking about ripping it all out), I still have half my skein of yarn left.  So, I’m frogging this project, going up a needle size and this time I’ll try to remain conscious while endlessly knitting in garter stitch.