So it’s been well over a week and I feel like I should update my To Do list from the previous post.  As I look back on the last week, it would appear that I completed item 2 and….uh…ya.  Item 2.  I did that.  I put my clothes away.

Listen, let’s just focus on the things I did do this last week and not the things I didn’t.

1.  I finished test knitting a hat for Sillylittlelady.  Keep an eye out for her pattern, because it is the cutest slouch hat ever!

2.  I learned how to knit and read at the same time this week too.  Granted it was mostly stockinette knitting and I was reading Harry Potter, but still.  Speaking of Harry Potter!!  Who else saw the movie this weekend?  And who else was so overrun with emotion that they cried during the whole thing?  No?  You didn’t cry?  Um, ya…I didn’t either.  I’m tough.  I don’t do that….

3.  I went on a hike after work and planned out the rest of my summer’s activities.  Yes, the whole summer has been planned.  I wrote it down in my dayplanner, with a pen.  I know there are things called smartphones and google, but I like the permanence of paper and pen.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t follow my internet to do list…

4.  I put my clothes away and then I made peanut butter cookies.  Because sometimes after you put away your dirty clothes, you need to reward yourself with a cookie.  True story.

My blog sucks without pictures.  Words, words, words… super lame.  I’m half tempted to just buy another memory card so that I won’t have to dump my photos on my computer and go through the agonizing process of sorting.  I’m that person.  Except, I do wash my underwear instead of buying new ones.  I promise.

Next blog post: Photos sans words.  For real.