Well, I’ve made it back and I’ve finally mustered up enough energy to blog.  I didn’t knit a single stitch while I was on vacation, and in all honesty, it was kind of nice taking a break from knitting.  Almost as if knitting was somehow partially responsible for some levels of stress in my life… No, that doesn’t make sense; I never stress out when I knit.  Or do I?

Well no matter.  I am back and since I am now being drowned by the responsibilities of a grown up again (working, paying bills, talking to people), I must begin supplementing it with a wee bit of knitting.  Because as you know, grown up life is not complete without knitting and using the word “wee”.

Guess what I got in the mail when I came home?

Oh, you didn’t actually think that I would, but I did.  I bought some yarn from Sweet Georgia Yarns.  After my post about yarn snobbery, I paced the house for a couple of hours debating purchasing said yarn.  I consulted my sister, J, the little man inside my head and I kept checking the website to make sure that the availability of the yarn didn’t change in the last five minutes.  I finally decided that yes, I do deserve fancy yarn, and YES I WANT IT NOW!!!  So I did what any sane person would do:  I purchased two skeins in a completely different yarn weight and in a different colorway.  At the last minute I decided I wanted Merino Silk DK in goldmine.  It’s so beautiful and soft.  I looked at J, clapping my hands enthusiastically and said, “Now I have something to knit!”  And then my jaw dropped, my eyes widened as I realized….oh, your beanie.  Damn.  Well I felt like a total inconsiderate jackass.  We got a good laugh out of how ridiculous my face looked.

On the subject of my trip:  I did everything I set out to do: I ate amazing food (steak, pizza, pasta, empanadas), drank delicious wine, hung out on the beach and worked on my tan.  It was a great break from everything.  There’s really too much to relate in this little blog space.  Hopefully pictures will suffice; although I still haven’t sorted through all of the pictures (fingers crossed that it will happen soon).  But I will leave you with this:

This little, seemingly innocent, scoop of ice cream spurred a two week long binge and a lifelong addiction of Dulce de Leche.  Forget everything you know about caramel. I’m having some serious withdrawals, folks.  Enough to even try making it myself.