In order to line my needles with knits and purls, the winning yarn must have the following qualities: striking and vibrant color, soft texture (scratchy yarn need not apply) and affordability.  I’m not a cheapy and am not about to go to Joann’s to pick up yarn (although that is where I pick up my other crafty supplies like fabric and scrapbooking stuff).  However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m a yarn snob and only purchase the “finest” and, therefore, the most expensive yarn on the market.

That being said, this yarn by SweetGeorgia Yarns is calling to me.   Nay, it’s looking up at me with sad puppy dog eyes, and I can almost hear it say, “Take me home, Freshy.  I promise I will play nice and wrap your fingers with a loving embrace.”  I love the depth of the color and the shine of the silk fibers.  I love that when I look at it, I feel warm and melty inside.

It’s $40, but let’s look at the positives: It is 765 yards of pure sensually pleasing fibers.  It has a great review on Ravelry.  And it’s not like I couldn’t find a more expensive yarn of the same quality.

I mean, it’s only $40….And my birthday is coming up….sometime…in the late future….

Plus, I don’t think that color would look good one me, so it would end up being a knitted gift.  Which means that the purchase isn’t entrirely selfish.

Are you convinced yet that I should buy the yarn?  I sure am!

Would you classify yourself as a yarn snob?

PS.  If you have taken note on the fact that yes, I am eyeing lace-weight yarn and that yes, I have sworn off lace knitting, will you promise not to say “I told you so” when I’m in the middle of cursing yet another lace shawl?  I’m a mad crazy knitter and I tend to make terrible decisions when I have yarn fever.