Knitting, talking about, and taking pictures of Frost Flowers is unappealing to me.  So let’s talk about pie instead.  I like pie.  Apple pie is my all time favorite.  My mom used to know this lady that made awesome apple pie.  I think her name was Sara something.

Well, it’s time I learn how to do this, right?  I think everyone needs pie baking skills under their belt.  You know, just in case you find yourself trapped in a room full of apples and flour.  The exit’s at the other end but you can’t get there because you keep tripping all over these damn apples and plus you can’t see through all that flour dust.  What do you do?  Make apple pie, duuuh.  Of course there’s an oven in the room.  This wouldn’t be a twisted fantasy of mine if there weren’t.  I can tell you’re looking at me with those judgy eyes.  Let’s just agree that making apple pie is good for you….in a kind of “it’s ok if you eat the whole pie and gain 10 lbs, as long as you’re happy and living an apple pie life” good for you.  Are you with me?  Excellent.

I’m taking notes from Joy the Baker.  I stalk her blog, because I keep thinking that one day we will be friends.  It’s completely healthy.  I’m not a creeper. Pinky swear.

Making pie dough is messy.

This calls for a Gin&Tonic.  Down the hatch without ever making faces with the camera…Then you mix the apples with spices:

And then eventually you get this:

I told you I’m not a food blogger; I don’t know the first thing about baking pie.  I’m a N00B.  So, check out Joy’s site.  She’s got the recipe and all the tips.  Plus it’s late, because I don’t read recipes before I start baking and ended up putting the pie in the oven at 11pm, forcing J-sizzle to stay up with me and watch shitty tv.  This is not smart.  Read your recipe first and make sure you are properly hydrated with your preferred liquor of choice and commence pie making.

I’ll be taking this in to knit night tomorrow, because sharing is caring (mostly, I don’t really need to eat a whole pie by myself).  I’m hoping that a slice of apple pie will give me the energy and power necessary to take this shawl down once and for all.