Because sometimes, you need a little bit of excitement to get you pumped for Monday…

Freshy’s Five Step Program: Adding Edging to Lace

  1. Break needle with unrealized kung-fu grip potential.
  2. Stare in shock for at least 3 whole minutes.  Cry if necessary; it’s almost always necessary.
  3. Use any means available to pick up dropped stitches, including (but not limited to): using broken end of needle, using stitch holder, drinking wine, swearing profusely, etc…
  4. Run to the closest LYS and purchase new aluminum needle that is able to withstand person’s inability to handle all things delicate.
  5. Transfer 1380 stitches to new needle.  Cast broken needle away with the other wounded soldier.

Then when you’re all done with this, you decide it’s best to assuage your feelings of inadequacy by baking zucchini bread.  Also, let’s be honest: that zucchini has been sitting in your fridge for days.  Just do something with it!

Freshy’s Five Step Program: Baking Zucchini Bread

  1. Whisk eggs and oil in too small of a bowl; spill egg and oil mixture everywhere.
  2. Realize, only after combining wet and dry ingredients, that you forgot to add sugar to the egg mixture.  Curse profusely, frantically pace around the kitchen waving a dirty spatula in the air.
  3. Attempt to beat 1-3/4 cup sugar with an extra egg.  Temporarily resign yourself to the idea that you might not get zucchini bread tonight after all.
  4. Give in to using your mixer in order to combine this sugar slurry to your salty zucchini bread batter, knowing full well that you should never have had to use your mixer if you did not forget the sugar in the first place.
  5. Convince yourself that the batter looks ok and that the addition of an extra egg will be just fine.  Most importantly, add chocolate chips.  They’re reliably good and they smile at you when you eat them.  It’s true.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a five step program to help you through Monday.  But, the good news is that there is a slice of zucchini bread with lunch.  So, how bad could it be?