The last couple of days I’ve been rather preoccupied with a bit of sewing.

I have a pretty haphazard way of going about things when I sew.  I like to cut, then measure, then cut, then sew, then measure, then cut again, then sew in all my frayed ends in again.  I don’t know why I do this.  Especially because I think I’m pretty good about figuring out my knitting guage and making swatches.

I guess I just feel like sewing is faster, so I can screw off more?  Maybe?  Or maybe it’s because I’m really inexperienced with sewing?  Yes, I think we’re getting closer.  The real reason is probably that I don’t care because, well, it’s a bag, for shit’s sake.

Well, here it is….crooked sewing lines and all:

I got the idea from here, but modified it a little (mostly by accident).  I think I had some really high expectations;  I think I need to stop having those when I sew.  But, in the end, it came out looking like a bag, which is all I can ask for.

In other news: My fellow kimchi lover and I made a huge-ass batch of it the other night.



I’m really excited to eat it; it’s an excellent way to produce deadly toxins to release out of your butts near/towards/on each other.  Just another fun game we like to play.

Here’s your chance to learn something new!!  “Pongoo” is Korean for “fart”.

Now, try using it in a sentence:  I eat a lot of kimchi, so I can pongoo on my boyfriend/girlfriend.